WARTER aviation delivers AvGas directly from the production site by various modes of transport depending on destination and market requirements. Our gasoline is transported in cistern trucks, ISO tanks and steel drums to meet our clients’ individual needs. 

We deliver in:

    Drums can be carried by road-truck:

    – Full truck loaded with 88 drums on 22 pallets.

    – Full truck with double layer of drums with maximum load of 130 drums (weight limit) on 33 pallets.

   Drums shipped by sea transport are loaded to containers:

   –  20’ container with 80 drums on pallets

   –  40’ container with 148 drums on pallets

   –  40’ container with 160 drums on wooden plates 

Before reaching your aircraft tank our gasoline is subjected to stringent quality checks ensuring stable properties over the whole logistics chain, whether it has been shipped in ISO tank overseas or in barrels directly to your aerodrome. Our promise of high quality fuels is always delivered .

We assist our customers through our established network of shipping agents. Simply order your fuel and enjoy flying, we look after the rest.


WARTER aviation distributes aviation gasoline across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East providing specialised products to meet specific market requirements.



The table gives basic, indicative information about AvGas load: AvGas weight and volume depending on package type: drums, ISO tanks, cistern truck at a given density.

0,715  – AvGas density at ISA [kg/dm3]

single multipack max. [pieces] [kg] [litre] [gal] [galUK]
DRUM 140 kg 140 195,80 51,73 43,08
TANK TRUCK 25 000*** 34 965 9 237 7 692
ISO TANK 20′ 17 100  23 916 6 318 5 261
ISO TANK 25′ 21 600  30 210 7 981 6 646
CONTAINER 20′ 80 11 200  15 664 4 138 3 446
CONTAINER 40′ 160* 22 400** 31 329 8 276 6 892


* as long as it does not exceed the gross vehicle mass or it is not inconsistent with other provisions and restrictions

** maximum allowed load for 40′ container may differ depending on the destination.

*** maximum net weight of gasoline in cistern truck may vary depending on the type and place of delivery.

Additional information:

– the unit of account at a commercial transaction is 1 kg of the product being sold.

– 1kg of aviation gasoline at a reference density of 0,715 kg/m3 at the temperature 15°C is about. 1,4 liters

– density of gasoline is determined at temperature 15°C due to the tax regulations (excise tax)

– drum of capacity 216 liters (around 140 kg) is filled in around 90 percents of its capacity due to the vapor pressure (ADR regulations)

Due to the specific of work, in case of export shipments, last loadings are taking place until 13:30.
After this time, loading for export shipments, custom clearance will be made on the next day by Customs Agent.


0,715  – the average density of gasoline [kg/dm³] at temp. 15 °C

Kilogram[kg] Liter[l] Galon USA[gal] Galon UK[galUK]
1,00 1,40 0,37 0,31
0,72 1,00 0,26 0,22
2,71 3,79 1,00 0,83
3,25 4,55 1,20 1,00